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The most beautiful Doctors of the Planet: Dr. Gabriele Benedetti and Dr. Mike

Dr. Gabriele Benedetti and Dr. Mike

They are both the kind of guy that every mother would for her daughter. Two beautiful young and famous doctors.

Dr. Mike is Russian, born in 1989, medical student, star of Instagram with over 2 million followers.

Dr. Gabriele Benedetti is Italian, born in 1984, three graduations, YouTube star, with a video it has exceeded 7 million views.

We introduce them for all our female readers.

Passion for boxe and kitesurf

Both are great sportsmen

Gabriele Benedetti and Mikhail Varshavski (dr. Mike)

Social care

with Miss Universe Philippines 2015, Pia Alonzo and Miss Colombia 2016, Andrea Tovar

Miss universe Philippines 2015 and miss universe Colombia 2016 (Don’t worry, they just back single!)

The Doctors love their dogs

The princesses Roxy and Nanà

Dr. Mike and Dr. Gabriele Benedetti with little patients

Sweetness with patients

And now ladies, the most important question. Which one is your favourite doctor?

You can’t answer “both”!